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Wyman Manderly:
Enjoying the food Theon? My secret ingredients are rock salt, good ale, a dash of vengeance and dead Freys.
Theon Greyjoy:
Babrey Dustin:
Urgh, let me tell you Theon the Starks are not as high and mighty as they want you to believe.
Babrey Dustin:
I climbed Brandon Stark like a tree. The boy couldn't even remember his own name by the time I was finished with him, let alone Catelyn's.
Babrey Dustin:
The only reason they got engaged was because the great, honourable Starks were actually planning to usurp the Targaryens, and that's the real reason Rickard and Brandon were executed.
Theon Greyjoy:
Hey T-dog, as it turns out we've been the mysterious killers all along, working for side's unknown. But you have to trust us! We need to you to throw yourself over those battlements into a blizzard holding a traumatised teenager. Preferably now.
Theon Greyjoy:
Theon Greyjoy:
Theon Greyjoy:
Have any of you thought that maybe if you had trusted me with your plans and knowledge, say, when I still was loyal to the Starks, then I wouldn't have betrayed them and we wouldn't be in this sorry mess in the first place?
Everyone Else:

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Tanaquil Le Clercq in La Valse, 1951

The waltz rhythms of Ravel’s La Valse sets Balanchine’s choreography in motion. According to the New York City Ballet website, the mood of the ballet is “superficial gaiety mixed with an uncertain feeling of impending catastrophe.” In the film’s archival footage, Tanny dances the soloist role of a woman who is seduced by the figure of death before falling lifeless to the floor. 

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